creates global awareness for an obvious goal:

cleaning up the poisonous plastic mess we make.


"ACTION" Project 2012-2020

Captain Manfred Reicher founder - chairman


As pointed out by many environmental organizations such as No Sea and Earth PollutionAlgalita Marine Research Institute, One More Generation plastic is taking over the natural world.

“Around the globe, it travels from storm drains into rivers and then into the ocean. It is abandoned on beaches and carried out to sea. Because it is petroleum based and non-biodegradable, it is exerting a terrible negative effect on everything that lives in the ocean. Nothing with a heart beat is safe from plastic!”

We started living in the Plastic Age after World War II when all sorts of companies began marketing messages about the convenience of disposable products. With the introduction of plastic shopping bags and water bottles, we quickly evolved into a throw-away society.

The facts about this issue are frightening. Plastic never goes away! Every bag and bottle ever manufactured is still in the ocean or on the planet in some form or other.

Apparently, the United States alone uses more than a billion plastic bags every year. Even more sobering, it is estimated that we throw away more than 100 billion plastic bottles every year. In the ocean, plastic breaks down into tiny pieces and looks like plankton to marine life. Plastic bags are mistaken for jellyfish. Fish, birds, dolphins, seals, whales and turtles have all been found with plastic in their stomachs. In fact, because of bags and bottles and all manner of plastics, we lose as many or more than one million birds and 100,000 sea creatures every year.

The plight of sea turtles is a potent example of this tragedy. Sea turtles are over 100 million years old. Turtles have survived the Ice Age and the Dinosaurs Age but may not survive the Plastic Age!

Environmentalists point out that what is happening to sea turtles is symbolic of what is happening to our environment as a whole – including humans.

In addition, humans are drinking from petroleum-based products and ingesting contaminants. Plastics leach Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical widely used in the everyday plastic bottle. Similar to a contraceptive pill, BPA is a pseudo estrogen now being associated with breast and prostate cancer. While we spend millions of dollars working to find a cure for cancer, we may well be inadvertently feeding the disease!

The only people benefiting from plastic products are the plastic manufacturing companies that have foisted this product upon us. And we really need to make a definite effort to reduce this man-made litter from our lives.

As Capt. Moore suggests: “Join the ‘Great Refuse’”. Carry your own reusable shopping bags and stainless steel water bottles. And as we go about our daily lives, pondering our own personal problems, we must remember the major problem – the problem of The Plastic Age!