Let's SAVE Mes Aynak in 2013!

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Jan 6, 2013 - Happy new year everyone!

I have some positive news.

Due to the success of our international campaign that reached out to the US including the Smithsonian and State Department, Thailand and other Asian countries, South American, Canada, Europe, etc., the Ministry of Mines in Afghanistan is FINALLY recognizing the importance of the ancient Buddhist site and is paying attention.

Archaeologists, who have been doing INCREDIBLE work at Mes Aynak, now have 6-9 more months to continue rescue excavation.  During this time they can save movable relics and artifacts.

The bad news is that Mes Aynak will STILL BE DESTROYED in 2014.  So we still have our work cut out for us.  The documentary should be complete in late March/April, so it should have maximum impact to help save the site when it airs.

Here is an updated list of news stories about the film:


I will be making a donation of 10% of the Kickstarter money to Afghan archeologists sometime during this month as soon as I receive the funds.  This money will be used to buy necessary equipment like cameras and computers.

Also, check out the new poster design by Wendy Tay attached.
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Thanks again for all the continued support!

 Let's save Mes Aynak in 2013!!!


-Brent Huffman

Ancient site needs saving not destroying
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The Buddhas of Aynak: The Afghan Cultural Site That the World Does Not Care About

Facebook: The Buddhas of Aynak

"Archaeologists from around the world fight to save a 5,000-year-old city, called one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Asia, from imminent destruction by a Chinese mining company in volatile Logar province, Afghanistan."

In total $5.000 donation
would be appreciated still for 2013 January - February
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* new work-in-progress
documentary “The Buddhas of Mes Aynak”
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Dec 21, 2012 : Filming in the remote village of Chinarak in Logar province - one of the villages set to be demolished to make way for a Chinese-owned copper mine.


Buddha statues discovered inside an ancient monastery in Mes Aynak, in the eastern province of Logar, Afghanistan. 2010 photo by Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images. Source: PBS NEWSHOUR

The Last Days of Mes Aynak
Posted by Cindy Huang , December 13, 2012

by Brent E. Huffman November 5, 2012

This money will be used to pay a music composer, sound mixing, website and poster design, etc.

This additional funding will also be used to create a Thai section of the film to show all the citizens there fighting for Mes Aynak.

AND the more we raise the more we give back to Afghan archaeologists. 10% of funds raised will go back to them to help buy them computers and cameras to better do their rescue archaeology.

So please help us reach our new goal of $40,000! Thanks for your support and for reading! Happy Holidays!

~ Brent

Watch The Last Days of Mes Aynak on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Lalani Pathirana :

" As a buddhist I know there is blessings and protection that human eye cannot seen.. Mr. Brent E Huffman you will be protected and guide..and bless by the Noble Triple Gem! Buddha's blessings.. Dhamma's blessings.. and Sangha's Blessings and all the Buddhist followers blessings and the people who love you and care about and their blessings will be with you on this journey.. you will be protected by this Noble Cause.. I will have the buddhist prayer with you.. "

bhawathu sabba mangalam chant:
Bhavatu sabba mangalam - rakkhantu sabba devatâ
Sabba Buddhanu bhâvena - sadâ sotthi bhavantu te
Bhavatu sabba mangalam - rakkhantu sabba devatâ
Sabba Dhammânu bhâvena - sadâ sotthi bhavantu te
Bhavatu sabba mangalam - rakkhantu sabba devatâ
Sabba Sanghanu bhâvena - sadâ sotthi bhavantu te

May there be all the auspices, may all the deities protect you;
By the power of all the Buddhas, may there be blessings to you.
May there be all the auspices, may all the deities protect you;
By the power of all the Dhamma, may there be blessings to you.
May there be all the auspices, may all the deities protect you;
By the power of all the Sangha, may there be blessings to you.


Save our Past-Ask UNESCO to include Mess Aynak
on the list of endangered sites


President Hamid Karzai:
Prevent destruction of ancient site of Mes Aynak
& the environmental damage


We petition Obama administration act swiftly to work with Chinese & Afghan governments to preserve Buddhas of Aynak


RECEIVED : " 三為古城吶喊------末日感言
我 常想,要像村上春樹那樣站在面對高牆的雞蛋那邊。所以我渴望為不能發聲的動物發聲,縱使未必每次都能令正義得到伸張,至少能讓聲音傳達出去。但今次在麥斯 阿納克古佛城的事件上,真的感到徹骨的寒冷和孤獨,自己只是一個普通小市民,卻也不敢不關心社會大事;無法忘記上星期第一次從面書朋友處分享到有關古城的 訊息時,那份憤怒和驚詫!難以想像這樣一件歷史文明的浩劫,竟長久以來,在媒體得不到片言隻字提及。看看這些俯首低眉的佛像,臉上一抹隱約的微笑,沒有甚 麼比它們更不能自我發聲,更沒有自衛能力了。這可是我們人類自己的文化結晶,是人類心靈凝聚的精華啊!這個世界到底發生甚麼事了?人們不斷互相殘殺,連動 物、森林、海洋,甚麼也不放過,現在連一個避過2500年天災人禍倖存下來的古跡,也要親手把它砸個稀巴爛嗎?

The Buddhas of Aynak The Afghan Cultural Site
That the World Does Not Care About

One of Afghanistan's biggest archaeological treasures may soon be turned to dust as a Chinese mining company which has bought the site turns it into a sprawling, billion-dollar copper mine. link

The Buddhas of Aynak, situated in a desert region 20 minutes southwest of Kabul, is an archaeological site containing ancient Buddhist artifacts dated over 2,500 years old. It also holds rich mineral deposits, especially copper. Formerly an ancient Buddhist monastery complex, the historical center has more than 150 Buddha statues. It is of immense worldwide importance and is one of Afghanistan's richest historical sites.

The site also has a violent and troubled history. A common rumor is that Al-Qaeda planned the 2001 September 11 attack from a camp in Aynak. The area is also a major transit route for insurgents coming from Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Archaeologists have found a number of artifacts dating backing over a millennium on the site, even unearthing manuscripts that may provide evidence regarding the presence of Alexander the Great's troops in the area. link

The Buddhist ruins are scheduled to be destroyed at the end of December 2012. In November 2007, a 30-year lease was granted for the copper mine to the China Metallurgical Group (MCC) for $3 billion, making it the biggest foreign investment and private business venture in Afghanistan’s history.

The Afghan Mining Ministry estimates that the mine holds some six million tons of copper. The mine is expected to be worth tens of billions of dollars, and to generate jobs and economic activity for the country but all of this critically threatens the site's archaeological remains, which are now being hurriedly excavated by private organizations.

Brent Huffman, a volunteer working to preserve this archaeological site, has produced a documentary about the Buddhas of Aynak, and is busy collecting donations to boost the excavation work. In an interview with Huffman, I asked about the history and the status of the excavation of the Aynak.


Malik Achakzai: Could you discuss the historical importance of the Buddhas of Aynak? link

Brent Huffman: Mes Aynak, or "little copper well" is a vast ancient Buddhist city 400,000 square meters in size. There are over 400 hundred life-size or larger Buddha statues, a circular monastic complex and dozens of temple (stupa) structures. 

More is being discovered daily, including hundreds of ancient manuscripts hidden inside many of the stupas. 

Archaeologists are only beginning to find remnants of an older 5,000-year-old Bronze Age site beneath the Buddhist level including an ancient copper smelter.


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