HAPPY IDB 2013! International Day For Biological Diversity May22, 2013

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International Day For Biological Diversity:

Friends the life & prosperity of the human beings lie in the indirect services of the Ecosystem & its rich biodiversity but we only give prior importance to those direct ecosystem services what we extract maximum monetary exponent...We fail to assess the economic values of major ecosystem & its respective rich biodiversity...Our reliance over conventional natural resources develop our major consciousness towards direct economic component of the ecosystem services...We have been denying to accept that our life & prosperity vest in the unexplored & hidden element of our ecosystem & its biodiversity...We have never given prior importance to solar rays, air, land, water before the paid value added services the electricity, air-conditioner,high priced residential land, package drinking water respectively...So friends if we start giving attention towards developing the economic trust to the indirect ecosystem services, we will make a healthy & happy planet for all the flora & fauna...

Protecting our rich biodiversity is an essence for the existence of an economically prosperous earth....

Go Green! Kumar Deepak - NDTI