Earth Day Celebration with Culture in India, West Bengal

Earth Day Celebration with Culture in India, West Bengal:

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Mr. Sourav Mukherhjee is a professional turned social entrepreneur, he left his job in a US base software firm and went on to launch Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage to promote culture for development. He is also becoming a Peace Ambassador of WCA in a very short time. His project “Craft for Development” is already nominated as global project in World Craft Association.

In this project he narrates, “As we all know the Global Warming is a threatening issue nowadays.

Day by day we are getting affected by different environmental pollutions. Most importantly Global Warming is not only effecting our environment, it is also affecting our culture.

But yes we can control the situation by developing the awareness about different environmental pollutions and their aspects by using culture as a tool. We are promoting a folk art form of India, West Bengal called Pata Chitra. In this art form our artists are basically using the bio-disposable products and the products from garbage for art. The colors for their painting they use are extracted from the nature, like they prepare colors from flowers, grasses, rotten woods and etcetera. From generations the artists are practicing the folk art form.

We are ready for national and international workshops to train the art form to all to reduce the usage of chemical products.

By doing this we can encourage others as well to use bio-disposable products to avoid pollution and save nature. It could be a recycling method to save the nature.

So we are trying to create a new sustainable project for the rural folk artists by keeping the responsibility for nature in mind. We are doing frequent workshops campaigns to create the awareness form grass root level of our society.”

We should celebrate the Earth Day with this project.

Article by Mr Tyson Burke, Ph.D.
Chairman of  World Craft Association