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Foreword Richard O'Barry ~ Epilogue Dr. Ingrid N. Visser

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Foreword Richard O'Barry, 2013 :

"Many people like you have asked me how to become a dolphin trainer, like you see on television or at aquariums. I've caught and trained many dolphins, and I learned early on that dolphins belong in the ocean with their families, not in captivity.

You may think dolphins are happy in captive tanks, but they are not.
They are used to the wide oceans and swimming long distances every day. They are used to being with their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.
How would you feel if some alien picked you out of your house and put you in a small cage for the rest of your life, never to see your family again? That is how dolphins feel.

We can enjoy dolphins in their ocean homes.
We should not be catching them and keeping them for our own selfish pleasure.
Don't yo agree?

Richard O'Barry, 2013

Book Description ~ Publication Date: May 10, 2013
The ten-year-old twins Julian and Sophie spend their summer holidays by the sea. During a boat trip they encounter a pod of dolphins. Suddenly the animals are startled by something. They speed towards a fishing boat and one of the marine mammals gets entangled in the net. The children manage to free the dolphin but he is injured.

After a severe thunderstorm they finally discover him in their bathing cove, which is separated from the open sea by a reef. Julian and Sophie hope to get help from the vet of the Dolphin-Theatre.

But is the owner of the dolphinarium really interested in helping the wild dolphin or does he have an ulterior motive?

Foreword by Richard O'Barry ~ Epilogue by Dr. Ingrid N. Visser


Doris Thomas December 2012

„I already thought I should invent a story how it happened because I am asked so often how I fell in love with the marine mammals.

They just crept into my heart.
I was already interested in whales when my husband donated the book “Whale Watcher’s Handbook” by Erich Hoyt to me. “for the journeys of Doris”, my husband wrote inside.
Oh, he surely had no idea what would happen the following 25 years.

Meantime I have the honor to have personal contact to
Erich Hoyt not just him . . to the amazing couple Paul Spong and Helena Symonds studying the orca calls on Hanson Island (OrcaLab), to fantastic organizations like the WDC, ACS and some more, to some scientists, incredible persons like the Japanese Izumi Ishii who changed from a dolphin hunter to a dolphin and whale protector.

Wonders happened when I met the humpback whale SEAL off Massachusetts, which I had adopted two years earlier and only this whale passed the vessel just beneath or when the bottlenose dolphins and spotted dolphins came straight to me off Pico (Azores), when cachalots (sperm whales) crossed beneath the whale watch vessel and watched me, when the single bottlenose dolphin passed me (sitting alone in front of a yacht) shouted to me a single loud greeting to welcome me back on the island.

First I created the story of the young orca Zabu.
I wanted to entertain the children with a nice story, hid many information about different species and behaviors in the adventures.

And not just this, I point in every book on problems like pollution, captivity, whaling, overfishing and more.

To show them better I did oil paintings and drawings for illustration.
But what happened when the manuscript was ready? Nothing!
I tried to find a publisher very hard, year for year, no success.

I read the story to some children and they loved it.
So I decided to do a very simple black and white self print with a printing company.
Nobody thought this would work some day.
I had just a very little hope for my work to get published.


Almost ten years and a lot of tries later I finally was extremely lucky. Just at that time the publisher Verlag an der ESTE thought about doing an own children book about a whale because they recognized that this was in the interest of children.

They printed the first part of Zabu in German
“Zabu – Die Abenteuer eines jungen Schwertwals”.
It was a big success.
Since then everything is going very well.

They published the English edition
“Zabu – the Adventures of a Young Orca”
and I created three more parts of Zabu’s adventures.
They are printed in a nice hardcover edition, full colored and in a high run.

Some other book projects followed, for example the story of a real rescue of a blackbird.

But the main matter is still whales and dolphins.
I did 9 months of research and wrote the exciting novel “Mit den Augen der Orcas”, which was translated by my best friend Christine Sawinski into “Through the Eyes of the Orcas”. It contains a just wonderful foreword of Paul Spong and his wife and I was allowed to use an original Indian legend.

I am very happy that my new manuscript will be published too, it is an exciting story of two children rescuing a dolphin from a dolphinarium.
I hope to get a foreword of Ric O’Barry.
My publisher will do all Zabu adventures as e-books soon, in German and now first time all parts in English too.

I enjoy all the letters I get from pupils. Best ever: “You made me a whale lover. Now I want to protect the whales”

Because of my books and reports I was invited four times already by Futurismo Whale Watch to visit the Azores.
These amazing impressions help me create new stories.
I am very thankful.

I hope to raise the love for these incredible wonderful animals and that they are better protected, not hunted any more, not slaughtered and not be abused in shows. I was already titled “dolphin sister”, “ocean sister” and “whale writer” and I am very proud of this.”

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